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To our clients-
At Jackson & MacNichol, the safety and well being of our clients and employees are paramount. We understand that everyone is very concerned about the coronavirus, especially those with respiratory problems. At the same time, many clients are already unhappy with the delays built into the Social Security appeals system and are reluctant to have things delayed further.

Currently, Social Security has suspended all live and video hearings at the Office of Hearings Operations. However, they are presently still planning to hold hearings again after May 2, 2020. In the meantime, we are going to try to work with  Social Security to establish a private hearing site in our office for video hearings to be held using the SSA video hearing system with the judge at one end and our attorney and client here in our office.  If you are a client who currently has a hearing scheduled before May 2, 2020, please understand that it is very unlikely that your hearing will happen as scheduled.  Frankly, it is doubtful that the May and June hearings will be held but it is simply too soon to know that unless we can arrange a private video site.

Social Security is still processing claims at all other levels other than hearings. For those awaiting an initial decision, a reconsideration decision or an Appeals Council decision, Social Security is still processing those cases.  For client with cases at the federal court, we have been notified that at present the courts remain open and will continue to process cases although there are extensions in some cases and cases requiring oral argument to the judge may be delayed.
As you know, we are all in uncharted waters. In light of the President’s request that we limit ourselves to groups of no more than 10, we have arranged for most of our staff to work remotely, limiting our in office personnel to a skeleton staff of only 10.  Most of our employees are already  set up to work remotely and are doing so at this point. Our offices remain open physically with the skeleton crew only, and we are asking clients not to come to the office unless asked to do so (and then by appointment only), following best practices as recommended by the CDC, State of Maine, and local officials.  The only effect that this will have is that some phone calls will go to voicemail and the response may be delayed.  Response to items sent to us by fax, email or mail may also be delayed. We apologize in advance for any delays.  You willget a response even if it is delayed.

This is the latest information that we have.  Our ability to sustain ongoing operations is currently unimpaired but candidly it is impossible to know what will happen in the long term at this time since there is even the possibility of multi week quarantines. These are very challenging times but we want to assure our clients that we are prepared to meet these challenges and we will all get through this together. As always, your legal issues remain our priority. Rest assured that Jackson & MacNichol is operating safely and smoothly during this unprecedented time, and we will continue to serve you with thoughtful and zealous guidance. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.  In the meantime, be careful and safe!
Francis and Alexandra Jackson and all the team at Jackson & MacNichol

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