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Your Disability Claim Was Denied, Your Next Step

Once it’s reached a decision on your claim, the SSA will send you a letter explaining what it decided.

If your disability claim was denied, or if you disagree with any part of the SSA’s decision, you can request an appeal.

The attorneys at Jackson & MacNichol are experienced in representing disability claimants at all levels of the benefits appeals process. It’s especially important to have professional representation and guidance during an appeal of a benefits decision. Your benefits are on the line – you want to work with a knowledgeable advocate who can marshal the evidence in support of your claim, ensure that all the important facts are put before the decision maker on your appeal, and see that your rights under the law are protected. At Jackson & MacNichol, that’s what we do. Let us help you today.

Jackson & MacNichol serves clients with Social Security claims throughout New England, including Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Boston, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Let our experienced Social Security attorneys and staff assist you – we offer representation at all stages of the claim process, including appeals. Call us today at (800) 524-3339 or use our online contact form.

Once you decide to request an appeal, you must do so promptly and in writing – and you must let the SSA know in writing that you want to appeal within 60 days from the date you receive the SSA’s decision letter.

There are four levels of appeal available:

  1. Reconsideration – A review of your claim by someone who hasn’t worked on your case before. The person assigned to reconsider your claim will examine the information in your file as it was when the original decision was made, together with any new evidence that has since been submitted.
  2. Administrative Hearing – You can ask for a hearing before an administrative law judge if you’re unhappy with the SSA’s decision after reconsideration of your claim. This will be a chance to explain your case to the administrative law judge. As part of the hearing process, you can offer any additional information that you think would be helpful to your claim.
  3. Appeals Council – If you disagree with the decision by the administrative law judge, you can ask for a hearing before the SSA’s Appeals Council. The Appeals Council doesn’t have to hear your case if it thinks that the decision of the administrative law judge was correct. If the Appeals Council thinks the decision was wrong, it can either decide your case itself, or send it back to the administrative law judge.
  4. Federal Court – Finally, if you are dissatisfied with the decision by the Appeals Council, or you think it should have heard your case but it decided not to, you can file a lawsuit in federal court.

The appeals process can be confusing and intimidating. Let Jackson & MacNichol help with your Social Security appeal anywhere in New England, including Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Boston, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Call us today at (800) 524-3339 or use our online contact form.

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