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Hear what former residents of Maine and Boston have to say about Jackson & MacNichol helping them in their Disability claim…

Transcript: Jackson’s law firm is a real decent company to work with for a lawyer. They stayed up all night with medical stuff and getting things in to help me get my disability. I highly recommend him to other people. There’s not a whole lot of lawyers out there that will represent you without having money up front. I’m very pleased that he decides to do this.


A. Harrington filed a disability claim for Social Security benefits because she has heart disease, scoliosis and chronic tendonitis.  Hear what she has to say about Jackson & MacNichol.

Transcript: My name is Amanda Harrington and I applied for disability and Social Security. And I have heart disease and scoliosis and tendonitis. And I hired Mr. Jackson and they did all the footwork. Everything that needed to be done, they kept me up to date on what they were doing. And I was very pleased with it.


Transcript: My name is Eric O’Bannon and I’ve been working with the team of Jackson & MacNichol and I really, really am happy with the way I think they treated me and got in touch with me when I needed to talk to them, and they’ve just been really excellent throughout this whole process. I would definitely recommend Jackson & MacNichol to anyone that is having a hard time with their disability claim.

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