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Hear what former residents of Maine and Boston have to say about Jackson & MacNichol helping them in their Disability claim…

Transcript: My name Dawn Howard and I was working with Jackson & MacNichol and I would recommend this law office to anybody. You feel extremely comfortable with them. They handle everything really well, paperwork, they are on time, they call you to let you know important dates. Just like I said they make you very comfortable and at home. I would recommend Jackson & MacNichol no doubt.

Transcript: My name is Georgana Maybe and Jackson MacNichol of Portland, Maine, has been working for me for a few years. I no more than hired then and within a few months, I had my Social Security. They have a great team, they work hard, keep up with everything and keep in touch. I just came back to court today for a hearing for five years back pay and I actually won. They are a great team, ask me and I’ll tell ya.

Transcript: Jackson’s law firm is a real decent company to work with for a lawyer. They stayed up all night with medical stuff and getting things in to help me get my disability. I highly recommend him to other people. There’s not a whole lot of lawyers out there that will represent you without having money up front. I’m very pleased that he decides to do this.


A. Harrington filed a disability claim for Social Security benefits because she has heart disease, scoliosis and chronic tendonitis.  Hear what she has to say about Jackson & MacNichol.

Transcript: My name is Amanda Harrington and I applied for disability and Social Security. And I have heart disease and scoliosis and tendonitis. And I hired Mr. Jackson and they did all the footwork. Everything that needed to be done, they kept me up to date on what they were doing. And I was very pleased with it.


Transcript: My name is Eric O’Bannon and I’ve been working with the team of Jackson & MacNichol and I really, really am happy with the way I think they treated me and got in touch with me when I needed to talk to them, and they’ve just been really excellent throughout this whole process. I would definitely recommend Jackson & MacNichol to anyone that is having a hard time with their disability claim.

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