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Benefits for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that can occur after someone is exposed to, or witnesses, a terrifying event. When someone goes through such an ordeal, it is normal for the body to trigger its “fight or flight” response, which can include the fear that everyone experiences in response to something very frightening.

In PTSD, the “fight or flight” response becomes damaged, so that the sufferer feels frightened, very anxious, or stressed even when there is no immediate danger.

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Veterans from all eras, particularly combat veterans, have been afflicted by PTSD. Historically the disorder has been known by many different names, such as “shell shock,” “battle fatigue,” and “combat neurosis.” Only in recent decades has the disorder become better understood as a recognizable, potentially debilitating, and treatable condition.

The Department of Veterans Affairs offers disability compensation to veterans suffering from PTSD. To qualify for such benefits, however, the veteran must present:

  • A clear medical diagnosis of PTSD
  • Evidence of a “stressor” event that occurred during military service; and
  • Evidence that the stressor event is a cause of the veteran’s PTSD.

Once a veteran establishes to the VA’s satisfaction that his or her PTSD is service-connected, the VA will determine the level of disability associated with the individual’s disorder. That, in turn, determines what level of benefits the veteran will be eligible to receive.

To determine the level of disability associated with PTSD, the VA considers the scope of the veteran’s occupational and social impairment, as demonstrated by a wide variety of factors, all of which tend to reflect the veteran’s ability to function in a work environment and to care for him or herself, and how well the symptoms can be controlled through treatment.

Establishing the right to disability compensation based on service-connected PTSD can be a difficult process. The attorneys at Jackson & MacNichol are experienced in helping veterans succeed with their PTSD claims at all steps of the claims and appeal process.

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