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Individual Unemployability Claims

To qualify for disability benefits under the Individual Unemployability rate, the VA requires that:

  • A veteran must be unable to maintain substantially gainful employment as a result of his/her service-connected disabilities; and
  • A veteran must have:
    • One service-connected disability ratable at 60 percent or more; OR
    • Two or more service-connected disabilities, at least one disability ratable at 40 percent or more with a combined rating of 70 percent or more.

If you don’t meet those criteria, you might still qualify for disability compensation at the Individual Unemployment rate. The VA grants special consideration for veterans when:

  • The veteran is considered unemployable due to a service-connected disability but fails to meet the minimum percentage standards; OR
  • There is evidence of exceptional or unusual circumstances to impairment of earning capacity due to disabilities (for example, interference with employment or frequent periods of hospitalization).
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