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Jim Hale

Jim HaleJim grew up in upstate New York working on a family dairy farm and learned the value of hard work, patience and diligence at an early age that continues to serve him today.

After high school, Jim followed family history and volunteered to join the US Army after a friend and former football teammate was killed in Vietnam. Jim’s dad, a Pearl Harbor survivor and several uncles, all veterans were proud and pleased when Jim completed his commitment and was honorably discharged.

Upon returning to his hometown Jim enrolled in The State University of New York and worked the graveyard shift as a police officer to attend class during the day. Although strapped with this daunting schedule, Jim was able to complete his bachelor’s degree in three years and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Seeking further challenges , and warmer temperatures, Jim moved to Tampa, Florida in 1983 and became a deputy at Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department. Jim served with distinction and was awarded several commendations for bravery and exemplary service. During his service at the sheriff’s department, he met a beautiful young music teacher who agreed to marry him, and they remain faithful to each other after more than 35 years.

Newly married, Jim applied to and graduated from the University of Mississippi school of law with a Juris Doctor in May 1993. During his final year in law school Jim was selected to work as an intern prosecutor for the United States attorney’s office for the Northern District of Mississippi. During this period Jim literally was in court daily trying cases to conclusion and had a prosecution success rate of 23 convictions and one acquittal.

Upon graduation from Ole Miss, Jim returned to Clearwater, Florida and began a clerkship for the Honorable Thomas E. Penick in the Sixth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida. This experience further shaped Jim’s court room skills and confidence. After passing the bar exam, Jim went on to work for a prominent Tampa Bay area personal injury firm. He has successfully tried numerous cases to conclusion and appeal.

Jim has reached a point in his life where he wants to serve the veterans, like him that served our Country. A combination of training, education, life, and court room experiences make Jim uniquely qualified to assist veterans receive the compensation they deserve.

Jim and his wife Jan are the parents of two sons that both graduated from University of Alabama. Jim likes to fish, golf and loves college football.

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