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The United States Department of Veterans Affairs operates a veterans benefit system rooted in the nation’s earliest days. As the United States has grown, so has the organization and administration of veterans benefits. Now, as a result of America’s historical and ongoing involvement in conflicts around the world, the modern-day VA employs some 280,000 people and operates hundreds of care facilities and administrative offices, all with an annual budget of approximately $87 billion. This makes it the federal government’s second largest department, behind only the Department of Defense.

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While the very purpose of the VA is to provide a variety of benefits to the nation’s veterans, the agency’s size and the scope of its responsibilities make it more difficult than ever for an individual veteran to navigate the maze of rules and procedures governing the benefits distribution. In essence, even as the VA has grown to meet the ever-increasing needs of the nation’s expanding class of veterans, the agency’s burden is perhaps greater now than it has ever been. Its most recent demands include meeting the needs of veterans who served in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Today’s veterans may face lifetime disabilities at home after suffering what would have been mortal wounds in previous conflicts. Others may have suffered exposure to advanced chemicals and toxins unheard of in previous wars, with lifelong debilitating effects. And today’s greater understanding of the mental and emotional tolls suffered by war veterans, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), means many more deserving veterans are in line for benefits and treatment of those serious and difficult conditions.

To prove entitlement to benefits, a veteran must prove that his or her disability is service-connected rather than an injury or medical condition simply caused by some other event in the veteran’s life (some disabilities are presumed to be service-connected, but these are relatively few in number).

The end result for individual veterans in need of disability benefits is the daunting task of completing complicated paperwork, providing medical and other documentation that may be difficult to obtain, and shepherding a claim through the confusing procedures set out by an agency laboring with similar claims in the hundreds of thousands. Time limits on required paperwork can be strict, while the VA’s responses can be lax, leaving claims pending for significant periods.

For the best chance at obtaining the benefits to which you’re entitled, obtain professional guidance and representation in the claims or appeal process. It’s not necessary that you shoulder the potentially bewildering and frustrating benefits claim process alone. The attorneys of Jackson & MacNichol are ready to take your side – contact them today to get started on the path to obtaining the benefits that you deserve.

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